Benefits of Six Month Smiles

Get A Beautiful Smile In Charlotte

6 month smiles in Charlotte and Myers ParkWith advances in adult orthodontics, at our Charlotte dentist office near Myers Park and Dilworth, we can now straighten teeth in as little as six months with 6 Month Smiles. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a straight stunning smile even faster than ever.

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary braces system that straightens teeth in one fourth of the time it generally takes traditional braces.

The Benefits of 6 Month Smiles

Fast Results | You can straighten your crooked teeth in as little as six months with Six Month Smiles adult orthodontics. Traditional braces straighten the root and the surface area of the tooth at separate times. Six Month smiles braces uses an innovative design to straighten the root and the surface area of the tooth at the exact same time, shortening your treatment time.

Effective | Six Month Smiles innovative design allows the orthodontic treatment to accomplish amazing results in a short period of time. You will enjoy a straighter, more beautiful smile that you are proud to share.

Cleaner and Safer Than Traditional Braces | Traditional braces can interfere with your oral hygiene habits and make cleaning your teeth difficult for the full two year period. Because Six Month Smiles braces can straighten your teeth faster, it shortens this period and lowers your risk of developing other oral issues while your teeth are being straightened.

get a beautiful smile with straight teeth in Charlotte and Myers ParkEfficient and Convenient | Six Month Smiles focuses on the teeth that are visible in your smile. Treatment for Six Month Smiles requires less adult orthodontic appointments than traditional braces. With Six Month Smiles we can save you time and expense.

Affordable | Six Month Smiles is often more affordable than traditional braces

White Braces | Six Month Smiles braces use tooth colored wires and white brackets to lower their visibility. Six Month Smile braces are less noticeable on your teeth.

To find out more about Six Month Smiles, contact us at our Charlotte office. We would be happy to answer questions and to schedule an appointment if you are in the Myers Park – Dilworth area!

Comfort, convenience and a stunning smile
Six Month Smiles clear braces with a Charlotte dentist Ballantyne
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Free Teeth Whitening
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$1,117 Savings

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